We have a theme and title: Hopes and Dreams. Our charity will be the Hope Project at White Field Farm. The Hope Project supports women survivors of human trafficking. They are located in Calverton, and the organization is operated by Greek Orthodox nuns. White Field Farm is a not for profit and is proud to be an all-natural home and body product company that offers job training, employment, and life necessities to women survivors of human trafficking. The Hope Project at White Field Farm partners with local agen- cies including New Hour Women and Children LI, and the Safe Center LI. These agencies provide emer- gency assistance to women and their children. We are expecting to work with one or more of these agen- cies to assist women in transition to more permanent home situations with quilts for their homes, includ- ing quilts for them, their children, and/or quilted household items to make things more cheery and com- fortable. This is an amazing opportunity to expand our charity efforts within the community. The sisters who run the Hope Project also suggested contacting the Butterfly Effect, a group dedicated to mentoring at risk girls in our community. We are hoping to work with them to teach the girls some basic sewing skills.

Our show will have a special exhibit this year: “Sweet Dreams Baby”, will focus on getting each member to make and donate a small quilt to be displayed in a novel way at the show. More details on sizing will be available in September. We are hoping that this will be a way for each member to participate in the show with a small quilt that has a big effect, both at the show, and in our community!

The member challenge Quilt info :

2019 Quilt Show

Hopes and Dreams